Messaging & Materials

We want to make sure your sales team has all of the necessary tools to succeed. That means having everything from scripts and objections all the way down to case studies and sales sheets.

Giving an Account Executive or SDR the right sales tools can make all of the difference. No matter what product you are selling, if the sales documents are not up to par, you are only making it harder for your sales team to succeed.

We will analyze all of your documents and materials and make sure you are set up for success.

Do you have all of the sales documents you need to succeed?

What Tools Are You Missing?

The more tools your team has the more deals they will close!
  • Interactive Script
  • Objections and Rebuttals
  • Discovery Questions
  • Cheat Sheet
  • Company Background
  • Credibility Pitch
  • Gatekeeper Strategy
  • Pre-Framing the Presentation
  • Features and Benefits
  • Pre-Presentation Checklist
  • Post-Presentation Checklist
  • Opening Pitch Script
  • Closing Tactics
  • Influencer Strategy

The Right Sales Messaging = Smooth Presentations

Does your sales messaging match your product? How often do you review you scripts? Is the messaging easy for the sales reps and potential clients? What does it take to have a successful presentation?

It’s important to teach your team how to stick to the presentation while being able to maneuver through the call with custom hot buttons based on the potential customer they are speaking with.


Analysis (Depending on Product)