Having a QA Department Just Makes Everything Better!

QA enhances multiple areas of a company, not just sales. You can quickly identify customer service and product issues by hearing what your prospects and customers are saying.
  • Establish a culture of quality
  • Identify flaws in customer service
  • Align processes with customer expectations
  • Encourage More Effective Training
  • Enhance customer retention
  • Build a stronger workforce
  • Remove bad apples quickly
  • Learn from past mistakes

What About the Laws around Recording Calls?

Great question, right? When making cold calls, it’s hard enough without having to get permission to record? How will that go? Hi, this is Fred with ABC seller, this call is being monitored and recorded… and boom. They hang up because they think you are a debt collector.

With our bulletproof QA process and depending on your current technology or willingness to change your current technology we are able to follow best practices and still give you the full value of having a QA department.

Quality Control Never Stops

QA is an ongoing process for a sales floor, and you need to make sure that your AE’s and SDR’s are aware that it’s happening. You need to review calls, emails, and chats since all of these technologies have customer interactions.

All employees and independent contractors who interact with prospective and current clients should be monitored and coached regardless if they are your best performers, your worst performers, or somewhere in between because they can always improve.

The reps that are not hitting their metrics can benefit in a big way from quality control because you can identify their mistakes and deal with them right away. While QA’ing your mid and best performers can help by getting recognition handling calls properly.

Measure Performance

Once you’ve identified the most critical items to focus on, a quality control system tells you how well you’re doing and gives you insight on when you need to take corrective action to get things back on track.

Feedback Loops

Data plays a crucial role in backing up your coaching and training efforts. Consistency means more when it’s supported by metrics, you’ll establish a productive pattern of improvement for the center.